Support Policy

Last updated: 14 October 2021

At WPMantiq we try our best to provide support to everybody. However, we have some beliefs and sometimes we are limited by the regulations of the countries we are operating from. Therefore, we apologize to specific scenarios we can’t provide support for:

  1. Generic WordPress questions that is not WPMantiq specific.
  2. Third parties issues.
  3. Any ticket that contains a harsh tone or aggressive language. Please be respectful!
  4. Any websites or services that contain or mainly promote:
    1. Drugs.
    2. Adults contents, Sexual-oriented products or content.
    3. Inappropriate images or videos and music.
    4. Pork derivatives.
    5. Wine or bars.
    6. Gayism and lesbianism (LGBTQ).
    7. Gambling.
    8. Violence or terrorism-oriented content.
    9. Religion attacks or extremism content.

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