WP Mantiq is a workflow automation tool. It allows you to build the logic you need in your website with a visualized building blocks (LEGO like) instead of writing code.

What is a workflow?

Anything your website does with a logic is a workflow. When a user of yours fills in your contact form and clicks the submit button, a logic is triggered to send the email to you with the content she or he entered.

Every workflow is made out of 3 main components (we call them Mantiq blocks):

Event block

Every workflow starts with an event block. The event block informs the Mantiq workflow when to run.

Think about the event block similarly to your light bulb switch. When the switch is toggled, it is an event that triggers your electric circuit in your house to do something (turn on the light bulb in this case).

Event blocks examples:

  • When the contact form is submitted
  • When a new WooCommerce purchase is made on the website
  • When a user logs in
  • Every 3 hours


Logic blocks

Every logic is made out of decisions, the logic blocks help you make decisions inside of your workflow. If you have a very basic fundamental understanding of programming, you probably have heard of if statements and loops.

Think of your logic blocks similarly to your refrigerator light bulb, it has a simple condition block, which is if the door of your refrigerator is open, the light bulb turns on, if it is closed, it turns off.

Logic blocks examples:

  • Conditional logic
    • If the user is logged in or not
    • If the purchase was higher than $50
  • Variable assignments
    • Make a variable called “number of purchases” to equal the user total purchases count

Action blocks

An action is something that happens. Some actions can be WordPress specific like creating a post and some can be non-WordPress relevant like sending an email.

Think of the action block similarly to opening the water tap to allow water to flow.

Action blocks examples:

  • Send a message on Slack
  • Create a new WordPress user
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Last updated: October 24, 2021

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