The only interface that allows you to customize the Mantiq workflows is the workflow editor which you can reach by going to your wp-admin and clicking on “workflows” on the admin menu.

Mantiq workflow Editor

The editor layout consists of 3 main parts.

The Top Bar

The top bar has some fundamental information and buttons related to the workflow.

The Title

The title of your workflow is the main way to identify your workflow, it is similar to your WordPress post title for example, but the difference is that the WordPress post title shows up to the end user of your website whereas the WPMantiq workflow title is something that will only show up in your wp-admin pages. You can edit the title name by clicking on the title and changing the name right away.


The Activation Toggle

The activation toggle activates and deactivates the workflow. If the toggle is in purple, it means that your workflow is running and it will trigger based on the event trigger that you specified.

The Logic Editor

The blocks editor is the heart of the Mantiq workflow editor. It allows you to create your logic by creating blocks and removing them. Clicking on any of the blocks will show you the settings, output and logs of that particular block on the right side.

Block Settings

Every block has its own configurations and settings. All of that will be available to you on the settings tab on the sidebar. Example: If you have a block to create a post, one of the settings you will have to set is the title of the post you want to create.

For the blocks configuration documentation, please refer to advanced documentation (coming soon!)


Block Outputs

Most of the blocks yield a result after they are triggered or executed. This result is called “Block output”. And this is what the “Block Outputs” tab tries to show you. Example: Getting a post by id will get you the title of the post as an output so you can use it as a variable in a further step in your workflow.


Block Logs

You will use the logs if you want to see what happened to this particular block. Whenever Mantiq runs over your logic, it will keep writing block-specific logs. This is very helpful if your workflow runs in the background and the result of the workflow is not really visible to you or your workflow is not running as you expect.

Block Errors

If your block is configured incorrectly. A new tab will show up on the side bar with the error message related to your block.

The errors tab does not show up unless if there is an issue with your block. If your block is okay, you will never see that tab

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Last updated: October 24, 2021

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