How to set up an action node

Note: If you don’t know how to create a workflow yet, please refer to this link: Basic > create your first flow

After creating your workflow, choose the actions to be executed on your workflow.

Actions are executed after an event is triggered and all conditions (if any) are met.

Workflows can be made up of multiple actions, which are in turn, executed sequentially.

How to add an action to your workflow:

  1. On your workflow’s editor, click on the add button that will appear under your schedule block as shown in the video below
  2. Choose the action block
  3. The new block’s settings will appear on the left sidebar of your editor
  4. Enter your action’s name (Try to use a significant name that clearly describes the action’s purpose)
  5. Choose the action type that you want to set from the action picklist.
  6. Fill in the placeholders that will appear depending on the action you chose.

Please note that:

  • Most workflow actions, such as Create a post and Send an email, can be saved without setting all of the details. This can help streamline workflow building by allowing you to add your actions first as placeholders, then set up the rest of the details later before turning the workflow on.
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Last updated: October 25, 2021

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