How to set up a trigger

Note: If you don’t know how to create a workflow yet, please refer to this link: Basic > create your first workflow

After creating your workflow, you will have to set a trigger to automatically define when it should be executed.

How to set your trigger

  1. The trigger block is automatically created (since it is required for every created workflow) and will be automatically displayed on your workflow editor.
  2. Click on the trigger block or on the gear button that’s on the top of it to access its settings
  3. On the left sidebar of your block’s settings, choose an option that should trigger your workflow
  • Check “scheduled” if you need to execute it on a specific date and time
  • Check “event” if you need to execute your workflow when a post is created for example
  • check “webhook” if you need to start your workflow when you receive an event notification with a webhook for example.

4. Fill in the placeholders that are related to your previous trigger type choice.

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Last updated: October 25, 2021

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