Visual Backend,
for WordPress

No Coding Required

Mantiq allows you to craft customized workflows, without leaving your WordPress dashboard.


Built-in Actions


Built-in Events

Integrations with Popular Services and WordPress Products

For Everyone


The spark of your workflow, whether it's an event, WebHook, or a schedule.


Business logic area, be it sending an email, creating a post, etc...


You're done! Spend the rest of your time focusing on your business goals.

Start Automating WordPress Today!

Single Place, Intuitive Experience

Mantiq is a workflow automation tool. It allows you to build the backend you need in your WordPress website with LEGO-like building blocks instead of writing code.

Automate More, Grow More, Repeat

Level up​

Extend Mantiq with custom actions to achieve unprecedented results.

Achieve more in less time

Save time and efforts through a rich set of features and functionality.

Adapt fast

Easily customize your workflows to meet your business’ evolving needs.

Make Better Use of Your Time Today!

Time is the most precious resource. Mantiq helps you spend it on reaching business goals instead of pondering it on repetitive tasks.

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